L’Institut Idée (L’Institut) was created to ensure that clients “see the world anew” – achieve new insights and strategic breakthroughs that will lead to previously unattainable levels of performance and success.

With offices in Toronto and Montreal, L’Institut’s experienced innovators and strategists share a common vision: To uncover and harness irrefutable knowledge in order to align, (re)ignite and transform - knowledge that will reshape people and organizations for success in the 21st century.


We have revolutionary tools for gaining insight, achieving team alignment, and for Master Planning your roadmap to success.

Master Planning is the art and science of discovering insight and developing comprehensive strategy in a participatory journey.

A system where insight, creativity and strategy meet and work together.

Master Planning is comprised of 4 stages:

Master Planning is comprised of 4 stages


Uncover your map that shows the fundamental components of sustainable success


Understand and inspire fresh thinking with your map


Develop your
 roadmap to sustainable success


Implement your new thinking

Master Planning is a unique, proprietary approach to:

Strategic Planning
• Corporate
• Brand
• Marketing/Communication
• Sales/Fundraising
• Loyalty
• Crisis

• New business design
• New product development





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