Earlier this year, Wahn Yoon, spoke at Brightworks Innovation Day, an event which exposes guests to new ideas, new technologies and new approaches to marketing in the digital age. His presentation “What do 21st Century Consumers Really Want from Brands” talks about Wetware, our central nervous system for making decisions is a condition shaped by the culture we live in. And how L’Institut’s Structural Mapping Process can unlock these secrets. 

In the work that we do with clients, we are often asked how a department or company can become more creative. And how can they, as leaders, help foster creativity?

Since the 1950s, and with increasing frequency since the introduction of the internet and our powerful modern computing machines, the term "wetware" has been introduced into our vernacular. "Wetware" is a useful metaphor for the human brain and mind, and allows us to both integrate with, and distinguish ourselves from, the increasingly intelligent machines we use.

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