L'Institut Idée

We are a thinking company. We believe in the unbounded inventiveness of the human mind. We solve business problems through a proprietary method that harnesses Connected Intelligence; delighting in the moment our clients feel clarity, certainty and consensus begin to emerge. Audacious new ideas, emboldened companies and fresh commitment soon find form and the gathering rumble of new horizons come into view.

Logic vs. Thinking

Habit begets logic.
Originality begets thinking.

Logic is a machine fuelled by deduction and precedence.
Thinking is a mind, fuelled by wonder.

When logic wears its strait jacket:
Thinking yearns to unbutton it.

Logic has no use for paradox.
Thinking embraces it.

Logic is an act of compliance.
Thinking is an act of rebellion.

Logic is a Rubik’s cube.
Thinking has no need for a cube in order to play with possibilities.


We are humanists, not scientists.

In an age where businesses find direction from mega computers talking to each other, we chase the possibilities that emerge when human minds talk to each other.

In our book:
Data and analytics may supply useful building blocks, but constrict in their unyielding rigidity.
Only the human mind has the ability to leapfrog the boundaries of the rational, holding tight to its intuitions until it reveals that which was thought impossible.

Einstein never worked at L’Institut, but his words are often quoted in our boardroom.

First I look for the idea, and then I come up with the mathematics that justify the idea. If the mathematics doesn’t fit, I don’t throw out the idea. I throw out the mathematics.
Albert Einstein