The challenges of realizing success in the 21st Century

It wasn’t long ago that the catch-all advice for negotiating any business challenge was to ‘think outside the box’. In the complexity of today’s marketplace, many businesses can’t even be sure it’s a box they need to think outside of. Some may even believe they’re already too far out of the box and need to think their way back in.

The battlefront

Repeat offences: ‘We encounter the same business problem year after year and never seem to find a solution.’

The Inertia Syndrome: ‘We know we have the potential to get to the next level of performance, but we don’t know how to inspire our people.’

Mission Critical: ‘We’re launching an important new product/service and have one chance to get it right.’

The Pivot Point: ‘We need to re-invent or transform.’

The C Suite Imperative: ‘We need to get our leadership team moving as one, sharing a singular vision.’

The Widening Gap: ‘The marketplace is changing and we need to know how to adapt and quickly.’

Regaining control: ‘We have to break and reverse this downward spiral.’

L’Institut is not a traditional consultancy. We do not conduct competitive analyses, best practice analyses, SWOT analyses, or anything that encourages blind repetition...

The power of Connected Intelligence

L’Institut is not a traditional consultancy. We do not conduct competitive analyses, best practice analyses, SWOT analyses, or anything that encourages blind repetition of past behaviours or imitation of competitors. Nor do we tell clients how to run their businesses while charging ‘billable hours’ for ineffective strategies.

We are addicted thinkers, firm believers in the sublime ability of the human mind to burrow into problems and locate astonishing answers.

We employ a unique, proprietary methodology that leverages Connected Intelligence to access, release and activate the insight, imagination and power hidden within your organization.  We call this Master Planning, which includes two parts:

  1. The Structural Mapping Process® (SMP) – our celebrated insight tool for achieving insight into mass behaviour and societal preferences. The SMP has been used with over 150 major clients to gain clear insight into the emotional drivers for success.
  2. Collaborative Design – our participatory method for engaging major parts of an organization through an inside-out process that guarantees alignment and complete ownership of ideas.


L’Institut works with organizations and corporations in multiple sectors, but we focus on:

  • Companies looking to reinvent or transform.
  • Companies that want to break and reverse a downward spiral.
  • Companies that have a pivotal opportunity to move to the next level.
  • Companies reaching for ambitious new goals.


Corporate Strategy


Brand Strategy

Brand Planning

Marketing Strategy

New Business Design

New Product Development


Sales Strategy

Sales Training

Internal Alignment & Communications


Clients include:

The group at L’Institut have been an immense help for our team. They have done a fantastic job of helping us to bring people together from across our company to develop new strategies and innovative ideas.

Jason Anderson, Vice President, Marketing, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited

We are now in a position to move forward strategically in telling our story within the MS community and beyond.

Lori Radke, National VP, Marketing & Development, MS Society of Canada

The approach taken is innovative and effective, based on equal parts behavioural sciences and the less tangible but equally important emotional and spiritual energy that connects people.



Dr. Tim Cook FRCPC, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, P3 Health

At Plan International Canada, we are trying to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges as we engage a complex and diverse set of stakeholders. The strategists at L’Institut were key to our success.

Caroline Riseboro, Plan International Canada, President & CEO

The Institut’s method helped us arrive at a quick understanding of the gap between an ideal world and the real world, and to agree on a step-by-step transformation plan that was realistic to implement.

Jacques-André Dupont, Chief Operating Officer, Montreal International Jazz Festival

L’Institut and their Master Planning process helped us ‘turn the corner’ in unison, in a way that involved the team and respected their knowledge and passion for the Spyder.

Anne Belec, CEO & Co-founder, Mosaic Group, LLC