Helping people think

Re-thinking loyalty in an era of endless choice

The Challenge

Re-strategize and firmly position AIMIA as THE loyalty thought leaders and experts for the financial services sector.

The Thinking

Known by many in marketing circles as the world’s leading loyalty company, AIMIA pioneered the loyalty category with programs like Aeroplan in Canada and Nectar in the UK. Using L’Institut’s Master Planning process, AIMIA’s global business unit developed a new strategy that prioritized financial institutions across global markets into new psychographic segments that were tailored to key aspects of AIMIA’s offering.

Key messages and tactics were developed for each of the prioritized segments, ensuring a more efficient use of business development resources. L’Institut also worked with AIMIA to develop narrative tools that would tell the AIMIA story more effectively to the financial services sector.

The Resolution

An aligned and more effective global approach to business development.

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