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C2 Montreal: L’Institut delivers master class on Ideaship

L’Institut Idée principals delivered a ‘standing room only’ master class at C2 Montreal, the world’s most prestigious conference on creativity. Under the heading of “Succeeding in the Age of Ideaship”, over 100 participants joined the session to hear L’Institut’s point of view on how today’s leaders need to be facilitators of ideas that create intellectual capital and drive the new economy.

The main points of the master class included:

The world is unfair to today’s CEO.
Today’s CEO is not equipped with the mindset and skills required to succeed in an age where ideas, not personality or sheer might, are everything.

Leadership is not what we were taught. 
The average age of today’s CEO is 54, which means they learned the fundamentals of leadership during the ‘command and control’ age of Reagan, Thatcher, Jack Welch, etc. Today’s world requires an entirely different, more participatory form of leadership. And the leader’s role is not to command so much as to enable creativity that generates powerful new ideas.

Today’s consumers and employees are aliens.
So-called ‘Millennials’ have values, behaviours and skills that vastly different from those of previous generations. They are perhaps the most inter-connected, idea-drive and creative generation in human history – and yet current leaders are not succeeding in engaging their creativity and passion.

Creativity is an attitude, not a process.
Creativity cannot be outsourced and it’s not a department or function. It’s an attitude, a way of being. And the birthright of all people, not just the privilege of a few ‘special’ people who have a magical ability to be creative.

We are living in the Age of Ideaship.
As demonstrated by companies like Tesla, Dyson, Wikipedia, TOMS, and others – companies that are inherently idea-driven are succeeding, and contributing enormously to the economy and to our civilization. We’ve moved from the Knowledge Economy to the Ideaship Economy in a big way. And Ideaship is about service to ideas that matter to humans.

Ideaship comes from Connected Intelligence.
Many of the idea-driven companies we admire use, intentionally or intuitively, ‘connected intelligence’ to generate new ideas. Connected intelligence is when you temporarily ‘wire together’ different minds and perspectives to create a larger intelligence. Crude forms of Connected Intelligence can happen through traditional brainstorming, but at L’Institut we’ve pioneered uniquely advanced techniques for creating CI frameworks that generate deeper insight and greater imagination.

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