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Connected Intelligence

In his book, Connected Intelligence, Derrick de Kerckhove speculates on the consequences of massive global networking–and what might happen if it reaches a critical mass of “connected intelligence.” Will the sum total of people’s connected intelligence be vastly more intelligent than any one person’s intelligence could hope to be? He suggests that this proposition points directly to the possibility that we are undergoing one of the greatest leaps in the evolution of our species. Connected intelligence may be the next step in the evolution of human intelligence.

However, while Professor de Kerckhove and others equate Connected Intelligence with the rise in technology and most recently, AI, Connected Intelligence has always been an innate ability in the natural world and science and technology are actually just emulating what has always been.

A perfect example of this in nature is a murmuration.  A murmuration is a large group of birds, usually starlings, that all fly together and change direction together. When one starling changes direction or speed, each of the other birds in the flock responds to the change, and they do so nearly simultaneously regardless of the size of the flock.  Another example is schools of fish.  These schools undertake complicated manoeuvres, as though the schools have minds of their own.

Connected Intelligence can be used to reveal key insights, uncover new ideas and gain alignment as connecting individual minds into a whole “system” is vastly more intelligent than any one person can be. And, using this ability reveals what people feel, which is much more powerful than just what they see or know.

Using Connected Intelligence, we can access, release and activate the insight, imagination and power hidden within our clients’ organizations – helping them discover what may have previously been unseen and allowing them to take action in whole new ways.

So, as technology leads us to new ways of thinking and new conditions of cognition, remember that this is evolution, not revolution – it is an extension of our own inherent abilities.

Welcome to the brave, old world.

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