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Groupe Police launches in Quebec

A new agency organization dubbed Groupe Police has launched, aimed at helping entrepreneurs and independent agencies thrive in Quebec’s advertising industry, led by Sebastien Fauré, CEO of Bleublancrouge and co-founder of L’Institut Idée, and Jean-Sébastien Monty, president of Bleublancrouge and U92.

Groupe Police will provide centralized administrative services for advertising and marketing entrepreneurs in Quebec, from invoicing to receivables to projections to budgets, as well as mentorship from other entrepreneurs to help them grow their business while protecting their independent spirit.

“A lot of times, great designers and communicators and developers will start a business because they’ve got the energy and passion, but getting past a certain threshold can be difficult,” Monty says. “They don’t get excited about administration, which often holds them back. And having recurring coaching on a regular basis from people who have already gone through starting their own business in this industry definitely helps.”

At launch, the new group is comprised of Bleublancrouge, digital agency U92 and strategic think tank L’Institut Idée (a joint venture between Bleublancrouge, Wunderkind and Scientific Intelligence). At the outset, the leadership is comprised of 11 partners from the ranks of its member agencies.

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