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L’Institut Story

You cannot solve a problem using the same consciousness that went into creating it.  You must see the world anew.

As marketers, strategists and entrepreneurs, this Einstein quote strongly resonated and succinctly explained how we were feeling:  Why is it that smart, experienced people with access to incredible amounts of information and data still struggle with developing inspiring and effective strategies?

So, we decided to see the world anew.

Upon reflection, we realized that we are now living in a new era – one which we call the New Renaissance.  An unprecedented explosion of new ideas, technologies, perspectives.  In this New Renaissance, we need to reinvigorate and reframe how we think by re-engineering the tools for thinking and redefining the very idea of strategy and how to arrive at it. In this way, we can return to true thinking, not just planning.  We call this the Art of Thinking.

The Art of Thinking is a philosophy and an approach that promises to elevate clients’ thought process, and to have that enhanced level of thinking inspire and inform business decisions.

We created L’Institut Idée (L’Institut) with the express purpose of redefining strategy for the New Renaissance.  As our website video states: “We are a thinking company. We believe in the unbounded inventiveness of the human mind”.

Our name was inspired by renowned initiatives in different fields that were created to bring great minds together for a common purpose.  One such example is the Pasteur Institute (L’Institut Pasteur), which has pioneered multi-disciplinary approaches in the bio sciences.

The word “institute” comes from the Latin word instituere meaning “build”, “create”, “raise” or “educate”.  We chose this word deliberately as we are raising awareness about the need to “see the world anew” and educating people to use new thinking tools and approaches.   And, as the intention of thinking is to generate new, problem-solving ideas, the word “Idée” brilliantly captured this purpose.

Our logo is inspired by the work of another great institute:  The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.  When we saw a photograph of a cross section of the Collider, we were reminded of how our work combines and accelerates ideas in a way that few have ever seen before.  Look closely and you’ll notice that our logo consists of 3 overlapping circles in abstracted form, within a larger circle – implying the intersection of minds into a large whole.

Like the Hadron Collider, we believe in the power that results from connecting and accelerating the intelligence within us all.  Our work seeks to help clients achieve breakthroughs and ensure success by changing the very way human beings work together to rapidly discover deeper insights and powerful new ideas.

For the last 10+ years, we have worked around the world with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to exciting new start-ups.  In the course of that incredible journey, we have developed revolutionary business tools and approaches that transcend traditional ways of thinking, and that deeply leverage the innate intelligence of clients.  We use a methodology that reveals the deeply held beliefs and needs of the marketplace, and our approach provides the space and processes for our clients to think through their challenges and uncover opportunities that might otherwise have been overlooked.

To quote Einstein again:

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Let’s think together.

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