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Stage 4: Immersion – Implementing “Great Ideas”

The fourth and final stage of the Master Planning Process is Immersion – the comprehensive rollout and implementation of the concept.

As the old English proverb states “there’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”… and that can often feel the reality when trying to implement a new concept. Why is it that even a fantastic idea with a well-thought out strategic plan can fail at implementation?

From inception to execution, “Great Ideas” must be nurtured, protected and cultivated.

To answer this question, in 2014 we conducted a mapping on the desired outcome of “We successfully implement Great Ideas”. We wanted to uncover what it takes for an organization to become expert at implementation. In a nutshell, four key success factors emerged:

1. Create ‘implementation success silos’

Identify ‘natural implementers’ in the organization and use them to model successful implementation behaviours that can then be shared across the organization

2. Develop an implementation culture

To successfully implement, there must be a spirit of freedom throughout the organization. Encourage different opinions, ideas and responsible risk-taking – this will make implementing “Great Ideas” contagious

3. Communication is key

For people to get on-board, it’s important that they clearly ‘see’ – and see as relevant – what they are being asked to do/embrace. Therefore, it is necessary to take the time to build understanding of a “Great Idea” throughout the organization

4. Spread the excitement

Ensure that the passion and excitement for “Great Ideas” – and their implementation – spread throughout the organization. Use internal communication channels, town halls, group meetings, etc. to ignite interest and enthusiasm and include the organization as a whole

In addition to ensuring that the “inside” is “on side” when implementing an idea, it is also important to ensure that “outside” stakeholders are also in alignment. External implementation partners must understand and stay true to the “Great Idea”, the strategic building blocks and the roadmap that have been developed.   They must operate “on-Map” and on-strategy and work in partnership with the internal implementation team to bring the new concept to life. So, as part of the above recommendations on “Spread the excitement”, it may be wise to include your external partners in the mix.

At L’Institut, we believe that it’s also important to have a “Guardian of the Map” to ensure that implementation stays on-Map and that all resources – internal and external – remain aligned and focused.

From inception to execution, “Great Ideas” must be nurtured, protected and cultivated.

And at L’Institut, that is our raison d’être.

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