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Toronto: City on the Rise

As part of the Spoke Club’s 10th anniversary, and to give back to the City of Toronto, L’Institut Idée and The Spoke Club designed a series of events to uncover the key drivers of greatness for the City of Toronto and then bring this new vision to life through word and art.

A group of Toronto leaders from different walks of life – from architects and urban planners to venture capitalists, artists and corporate leaders – gathered at the Spoke Club for a special half-day session led by L’Institut Idée.

Using the Structural Mapping Process® (SMP), a unique technique for reading the “collective consciousness” around an idea, a map to the desired outcome of “Toronto is one of the world’s great cities” was revealed.

Toronto has what it takes. We just need to step outside the lines and connect the dots.

Mid-April 2014, Spoke Club members, Toronto leaders and the media were invited to the Spoke Club to see the map and how it had been interpreted and applied by the thought leaders and artists who had participated in the mapping session.

At the event, a panel discussion was held that included several of these participants, an original composition inspired by the map was debuted, and artistic applications of the map were on display.

Please click here to discover what was revealed and how it was applied by some of Toronto’s leading thinkers and artists.

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