Bombardier Recreational Vehicles: “Open Your Road”


Bringing a new category of vehicle to a global audience


The Spyder 3-Wheel Recreational Vehicle was having trouble gaining traction against big competitors in the open-air ride category, like Harley Davidson and BMW, partly because the brand was positioning itself in the same zone of “cool masculinity.” It was clear that Spyder would have to search elsewhere for its enthusiasts.


To carve out new territory for Spyder by democratizing the open-air ride and making it available to everyone, our approach needed to welcome all kinds of people who might never have considered a touring vehicle before. We would then need to work with dealers to create a hyper-regionalized approach that would drive local leads their way.

The “Open Your Road” creative platform made the concept of open-air riding accessible to every person. Boomer couples, people of colour and multi-generational families would all be included in this evolved way of presenting our experience.

The platform was customized for a variety of dealer networks across the continent, as well as specific media targets. Beyond simply aligning messages across the funnel, our media approach developed a multi-channel, multi-market strategy to optimize creative executions in real time, based on local cultural sensitivities and consumer reactions.


The impact was immediate and strong. Qualified leads to dealers increased by 437%, leading to a 10% sales increase – all this despite a reduced marketing budget. It is now a Facebook success story on cost-effective lead generation. And test campaigns in Florida were so fruitful that the campaign has been rolled out successfully across the United States and Japan.

Moral of the story

Unique innovations can be brought to market successfully – but only if we tell the right story.