COLD-FX: “You Season”


Moving a flagging brand from zero to hero


A unique Canadian innovation, COLD-FX had experienced a series of challenges that contributed to a decline in POS and market share. Our challenge was to reposition the brand and stabilize the business with current consumers while attracting a whole new set of fans.


We started with a Structural Mapping Process® (SMP) exercise that revealed the brand’s true DNA. Through strategic workshops with the client, we then identified four audience personas and cultural tensions related to COLD-FX. 

From there, we developed a messaging matrix to help tailor messages to each of the identified audiences. Overall, COLD-FX was reintroduced as the the brand that helps to prevent flu season, and enables “You Season”. The promise was a lifestyle benefit rather than mere symptom relief (category convention). We positioned COLD-FX as an ally in living life to the fullest.


After the 2018 campaign came to a close, for the first time in a decade COLD-FX’s national sales improved by 15%, equating to an increase of $2.7 million.

Moral of the story

Moving from functional benefits to lifestyle is important, even in the health category.