Greystar: Kiindred


Rebranding a large portfolio of apartment complexes in the U.S.


On the heels of acquiring a portfolio of premium to luxury multifamily apartment complexes across 11 states, Greystar needed to transform this portfolio into a residential lifestyle brand that not only enhanced value for the corporation, but also created value in the lives of residents and the greater community.


In order to achieve this, we had to redefine the norms around the concept of apartment living and the role that this brand can play in the lives of its residents and staff. Through a comprehensive co-creation process informed by sophisticated market research, we were able to uncover the key barriers and opportunities facing the brand and its category of upscale urban apartment living. Identifying the key insight, we realized that our audience segments were essentially looking for an open-minded community that would restore a sense of belonging and meaning in an era when diversity and mobility could create both challenges and opportunities. The resulting positioning guided the process of naming and brand development that ensued.

We proceeded to develop a full brand identity conveying a sense of welcoming and luxury. The name “Kiindred” was inspired by the root word “kin” and conveys the sense that, regardless of location, you are a member of the Kiindred tribe community. The focal point of the logo design was anchoring the “ii” as a symbol for connection. Exuding warmth, timelessness and modernity, all of the brand elements focused on the notion of belonging and connectivity.


The newly developed Kiindred brand was revealed to internal executive teams and garnered a unanimously positive response. As of now, Greystar is integrating this new brand across Kiindred properties in major coastal cities across the U.S.

Moral of the story

Even for seemingly non-emotive brands, it is possible to uncover opportunities to create significant and strong emotional connections with audiences.