Interprovincial Lottery Corp. (ILC)

Marketing , Sales + Fundraising

Inventing new games for Millennials


The ILC is the federation of the four provincial lottery corporations in Canada, each with revenues of $2 to $6 billion CAD. While enormously successful with older, more traditional lottery consumers, the lottery corporations were unable to attract the younger generation with their existing portfolio. Through a highly competitive process, BBR and L’Institut Idée won the assignment to develop new game concepts that would appeal to Millennials and attract them to the lottery category.


In order to discover the key emotional drivers that would draw Millennials to lottery games, and formulate new game concepts designed for this generation, L’Institut Idée took the ILC team members through their Master Planning process. The journey took them through the Illumination stage (the proprietary Structural Mapping Process®) to the Imagination (strategic framework) and Intention (ideation of new lottery concepts) stages. The most compelling concepts revealed through the process were then put through focus groups to be tested all across Canada.

The top two ideas were then prototyped and piloted, with the winning idea launched throughout Canada.


This project allowed the ILC to ignite a series of new innovations for the Millennial audience, based on the insights and prototypes revealed through the Master Planning process.

Moral of the story

Uncovering key emotional drivers leads to innovation that is both relevant and attractive to the marketplace.