Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI)


Revolutionizing scientific advancement


The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) of McGill University launched a major scientific initiative, with the ambitious vision of becoming the first-ever Open Science academic institution in the world. It will have a major global impact through the development of new policies and tools that foster a quicker, more complete exchange of scientific knowledge. 

With the goal being to create a movement encouraging leading institutions across Canada and the world to adopt this same model – ushering in a new global era of open science, discovery and innovation – it was essential to have a compelling story, a robust strategy and bought-in and engaged stakeholders.


Working with stakeholders within The Neuro as well as with key external funders and supporters of the Institute, L’Institut Idée developed a comprehensive strategic roadmap to success and a top-level action plan for marketing/communications and fundraising. 

We used our proprietary Structural Mapping Process® to reveal aspirational TOSI emotional drivers and then facilitated collaborative work sessions to determine strategic building blocks and develop goals and strategies. This was then used to build an 18-month timeline, with clearly identified milestones and tactics, that would lead to success.


The roadmap was enthusiastically adopted by key stakeholders, both internal and external to The Neuro. TOSI has established The Neuro as a leader and a living lab for Open Science.

Moral of the story

Igniting a movement requires developing a robust strategy, aligning key stakeholders and building support across a broad spectrum of audiences.